Ukash Casino Sites

What Is Ukash?

 Ukash is a type of e-commerce currency focused on the UK market. It can be defined as an electronic cash system that allows individuals to transact online. It comes as a voucher that has a 19-digit code. Users will agree that it is a straightforward, all-inclusive, and universal payment provider that employs the use of electronic cash using a given code.   It is ideal if you do not own a credit card or if you would like to remain anonymous when handling various internet transactions. The mode of paying is made available to about 420,000 merchants in the virtual world. It is available in multiple countries, and numerous websites and casinos accept the system.

Ukash Overview

  Founded in 2005, the company has been running successfully over the years to a point that it was able to start trading internationally in 2006. By 2008, the company had already hit the £2.0 million mark in sales. Years later the figures continued to rise steadily and in 2013, Ukash had recorded sales equal to £26.1 million.   In 2014 there were huge changes in ownership because it merged with Paysafecard, an Australian company, in April. This was after the Skrill group acquired the service provider in the same year.  As of October 31st, 2015, people were no longer able to use the existing Ukash vouchers. All the existing ones were converted into a Paysafecard. Users now use this card when they want to do any transactions without the need for credit or debit cards.   It also helps to know that the company was on the frontline supporting AvoidOnlineScams during its launch in 2013. This offers details about how people can avoid ransomware and scams online. Keep in mind that the Ukash vouchers are typically offered in local currency which makes it easier for people to use them in different parts of the globe. This system also offers users a plastic Travel MasterCard that they can upload with cash using the vouchers they buy. This is a prepaid reloadable MasterCard for both US dollars and Euros that may be used any place that accepts MasterCard modes of paying. The prepaid card makes it easier for owners to pay on various e-business websites as well as points of sale. This card also makes it possible for users to withdraw cash from ATMs. It implies that you can move around with the card and not have trouble when making your preferred purchases.  

How to Use Ukash

Before the big merger, using Ukash was a very simple process. It basically worked in a similar way as a voucher system.  Whether you wanted to pay cash to an online casino using Ukash or carry out any other financial transactions, the system was designed to give clients a secure code in exchange for their cash. What you needed to do was identify a Ukash store or vendor to buy the voucher using various sources including:

  • Cash.
  • Money order.
  • Debit card.
  • Credit card.

Your next step would be to identify a particular recipient.  This was either a merchant or store or even someone that you wanted to send cash to. Finally, you just had to choose the Ukash option and enter the details of the voucher i.e. use the code to complete paying, load an e-wallet or card, or even transfer currency. Users must make sure they enter the correct code for it to work. Using the wrong code will not bring expected results.   You can opt to register when using the system which is free and easy or opt out if you do not want to combine all the vouchers you get into a large one or perhaps split a big one into tiny vouchers. It is also important to mention that you will always get your change if you purchase something that is of less value than the voucher you have. For instance, if you buy a product with a price tag of £7.00 with a Ukash voucher that reads £10, you will get a new voucher that is worth the balance which is £3.00.  

Advantages of Using Ukash

  There are numerous perks that come with using this method such as:

  • Anonymity – One of the things that people love about Ukash is the fact that users never have to share crucial financial or personal information with anyone that they do not trust or are not too sure of. You do not even need an email address or credit/debit card.
  • Reputability – The Company has been awarded The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise one of the indication that goes to show it is a reputable company. This is a top award in the UK that was given to honour the firm’s international success.  
  • Opening New Markets – Companies benefit from the use of Ukash in that they can penetrate new markets where they can sell their products. Such firms attract paying customers who want to use cash only. This is because they may not be members of banking institutions or own a debit or credit card. Others get uneasy about the thought of sharing their details. It is a move that can help increase sales as businesses reach customers that they are excluding currently.
  • Highly Secure and Inclusive – One of the most attractive features of Ukash is that it is very secure. As long as you keep the code to yourself, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be a victim of fraud. Note that the vouchers normally resemble receipts instead of an attractive financial card something that helps enhance security because thieves are usually not interested in people’s receipts. Additionally, people from all walks of life can take advantage of the voucher system because it does not come with too many restrictive requirements.
  • Outlets are Abundant – There are thousands of outlets where you can get the Ukash codes needed. Unless you reside in a very remote location, locating a store is not a complicated process.
  • Many Casinos Accept this Banking Option – Gaming enthusiasts can identify hundreds of casino that list Ukash as one of their banking options. Some will even offer some attractive bonuses for the players who use the system to load cash into the casino.
  • It Is Instant – There is no stress of going through the trouble of waiting for hours or even days so that the cash reflects in an account of your choice. After putting in the Ukash code, funds show up immediately.  


Disadvantages of Using Ukash

  Even though the system may sound almost perfect, it still has some flaws that some users do not like. Examples of these include:  

  • You Must Purchase Vouchers From An Outlet – One of the things that users may find inconveniencing is making trips to vendor stores to load up whenever they want to use this to pay for the things they want. The code features 19 digits and it may not be easy to remember them all in the event one ends up losing it.
  • Depositing Limits – Another thing that people do not like is the fact that it is not possible to load the Ukash vouchers with unlimited dough. 1,000 pounds is the amount that is capped for every single voucher. Additionally, you cannot hold too many vouchers at once. You are only allowed to have 5 at a time. Aside from this, it is not possible to use the vouchers at places where they are not accepted.
  • Lack Of Withdrawing Option In Casinos – As much as you can find an online casino UKash, a majority of them do not accept withdrawals using the technique. This implies that users still have to go back online and change the vouchers back to cash.
  • Vouchers Have Expiry Dates – The vouchers normally expire after one year. Therefore, you should not buy them and store them for too long because you may forget about them and end up not using them in the future.


Where to Pay with Ukash?

  You can use Ukash to pay at online sites, shop, and deposit to Ukash Casino sites. If you are a gamer you will particularly love playing at a Ukash Casino of your choice because most of the time you will not incur any transactional charges. All that is required is to convert your cash into a voucher, and it also works if you want to invest the cash in a casino. It is something that can give you more control in regards to spending, and you can also remain anonymous when playing your favourite games. Paying an online casino using Ukash also helps gamers to manage their casino budget which means that you will not have to spend any more than you had initially bought in cash.  

Security Info

  Ukash users can rest easy knowing that it is a secure and safe online system they can use for paying for anything they like. In addition to a high-tech encryption system, the official website also offers invaluable information on how users can best protect their sensitive data.  


  The Ukash system of banking is a great way of solving the issues that come from being unable to become members of a bank or acquire credit cards something that affects a huge number of people in the society. Over the years that it has been in existence, it has become the most preferred, used, and most-liked technique of paying for millions of customers all over the globe. Among others, users appreciate low fees and security that is user-friendly. The big sale was highly welcome because it meant users could access more online shops with their Paysafecard ranging from music, gaming, entertainment, and film websites among many others. These cards are also available in more than 600,000 sales outlets in different sections of the globe.